General Catering Menu

Listed are sample Starters, Mains, Desserts and Refreshments.  We are able to create menus for most dietary requirements, whether that is a full vegetarian menu or a selection of our finest premium dishes.


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If you would like to print or download our General Catering Menu in PDF form please click the button below.  Depending on your browser settings the PDF will either save or open in a new tab.


Tikka Boti

Chicken Drumsticks

Whole Baby Chicken

Chicken Seekh Kebabs

Leg of Lamb

Roast Potato

Chicken Wing


Meat Samosa

Meat Kebabs

Lamb Roast

Lamb Shank

Masala Fish

Fish Pakora

Vegetable Pakora V

Vegetable Samosa V

Vegetable Rolls V

Salad – Standard V

Salad – Special V

Russian Salad V

Plain Yoghurt V

Chutney V

Chaat V

Raita V

Gol Gappay V

Dahi Bhallay V



Meat Curry

Meat & Aloo Curry

Meat & Spinach

Meat Masala

Lamb Curry

Lamb Spinach

Lamb Karahi

Koftay Curry

Keema Masala

Keema Aloo

Mixed Veg Masala V

Channa Masala V

Channa Curry V

Bindhi Masala V

Toor Daal V

Maash Daal V

Chana Daal V


Mixed Veg Pilau Rice

Channa Pilau Rice

Boiled Rice


Sevian V

Gulab Jamun V

Rasmalai V

Fresh Fruit V

Assorted Cakes V


English Tea

Asian Tea (Desi Chai)

Kashmiri Chai